Product Review: UE BOOM

Price Range: $199 – $209

Who Would Buy the UE BOOM: Those looking for the first ever 360° wireless speaker that allows you to share your music with everyone, whenever and wherever you want

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UE BOOM Colors

What’s the reason behind Ultimate Ear’s BOOM? Music makes a statement about who we are and UE BOOM is the perfect way to make that statement to everyone around us. It provides 360° of immersive sound in a compact, go-anywhere body. This is UE’s latest in a line of Bluetooth speakers that is quickly becoming THE portable speaker of the year, and the last wireless speaker you’ll ever need.

Get Ready For The BOOM!

The UE BOOM was designed for you and me… the “social generation”, to give us a way to share our music with our friends and everybody else. With Bluetooth that gives this speaker the ability to connect to your smartphone or tablet, and two mobile devices at the same time, the BOOM is definitely a must-have.

UE BOOM RedWhite 2


Okay, it’s summer and that means it’s time to make some noise… so I got the UE BOOM. Let me tell you, the 360° degree sound is sweet.  I’ve been using it a lot at the pool and no-matter where you are, the sound is full and balanced. I don’t know how they got so much sound from such a compact case but they did. There’s a pair of dual performance drivers and a set of dual passive radiators that deliver the mids, highs and deep bass lows that keep up with the Jawbone, a speaker twice its size.

The BOOM is Bluetooth, and unlike some wireless speakers I’ve used, doesn’t drop the signal. It’s also a speakerphone so when I sync it to my smartphone I can hear whoever calls as loud as I want. Just a suggestion, go ahead and turn that little feature off at the big parties, unless you want people giving you the crazy look. The calls sound great both ways, and speakerphone capability is huge by the pool.

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The skin on this Monster drink-sized speaker is acoustic, so it won’t inhibit the sound. Plus it has a plasma coating, in a nice array of colors to choose from, that makes the UE BOOM water and stain resistant. It literally is a go anywhere wireless speaker. Anyway, the battery life will run about 15 hours before needing a charge and comes with a USB charger and adapter for your outlet.

The UE app allows daisy-chaining two BOOMs together in stereo for some seriously loud sounds. A friend of mine bought one too so we tested this out and I have just one word… sick. If you plan on pulling the BOOM out at parties, do yourself a favor and pick up two, you’ll definitely be glad you did. You can also sync two devices to the same speaker, so you and a friend can take turns sharing your beats.


No cons to report. I’ll keep you posted.


Ultimate Ears Provides a 1 Year Limited Warrant

Value for money?

Yes! There’s a reason why so many people give the UE BOOM 5 stars. I get tons of complements on the sound this thing puts out. It’s durable, waterproof and best of all, its wireless. Buy one today and I guarantee you’ll thank me later.

Where to buy:

Amazon.com is the best place to buy the UE BOOM. They have the best price but more than that their customer service is the best.

UE BOOM – The Social Music Experiment

UE BoomThe UE BOOM, Ultimate Ear’s newest creation, is being hailed as the world’s First social music player. This wireless speaker is packed with a list of features that have literally created a new market segment overnight.

UE Boom – The Ultimate Mini Boombox

Rory Dooley, GE of Ultimate Ears, has lead UE with the vision of making music more social. He claims the UE BOOM provides “anywhere listening” in a new and unique way, and it’s this vision that has sparked an experiment called: The Social Music Experiment.

Reggie Watts, a popular comedian on the You Tube Jash channel, is doing a series of  hilarious real-world episodes where Reggie takes the UE Boom to the streets in an effort to understand the effects of social music in what some would call unsocial environments. These tests, if you will, are set to air this summer on Youtube’s comedy channel Jash.

Reggie and The UE boom

But back to the star of the series, this coke-sized media speaker has the potential to change the way we listen and share the music we love socialy. With 15 hours of play time and the world’s first 360 degree battery powered stereo speaker, it’s designed to bring the music to the fans. I for one will not miss this new series on Jash, or the much anticipated release of the UE BOOM that’s expected to drop in the U.S. Sometime in May, 2013.

A Quick Word on Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears is a brand of Logitech which features a line of revolutionary speakers and headphones.  UE has a knack for reinventing the way fans and artists get their music which creations like the custom fit line of earphones in 1995 and today’s noise canceling ear buds. Professional musicians have long recognized UE across the globe, and now the average consumer is discovering UE’s premium speakers and headphones. They are quickly becoming a leading supplier in this hot and growing Bluetooth market.

UE Boombox Review

Product Review: Logitech UE Boombox (Wireless Bluetooth Speaker)

Price Range: $250 – $260

Who Would Buy The UE Boombox: Those shopping for a wireless Bluetooth speaker with great battery life and a full range of wall shaking highs, mids and lows.

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The UE Boombox Front View

If you were to open up the Boombox and take a look inside, which I strongly recommend not doing unless you want to void the warranty :/, you would find eight custom-tuned drivers that produce a clean, crisp sound. Now add to that two tweeters, two woofers and fours passive radiators, and what you get is clean sound with power.

Every once in a while I feel the need to blast my music, often at the expense of my roommates, and in a big room, this little powerhouse shakes the walls. The sound that this thing puts out at normal listening levels is the strongest on the market at the moment, even beating out Bose.

Ultimate Ears seems to have found a formula that employs hardware that’s all about bass reproduction and heavy tweeter use to balance it all out. The result is a lively powerful sound at normal levels, with only minor distortion at max volume, impressive to say the least.

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us chillin with the boomboxI love the look and weight of this Bluetooth speaker. It has a die-cast aluminum handle with a stainless steel grill, and a minimalistic design that fits in no matter where you set it down. Also, it’s built nice and sturdy which is definitely a plus if you knew my friends. You have eight memory slots for saving Bluetooth devices, and you can connect up to three Bluetooth enabled mobile devices to the Boombox at the same time, which is really cool for taking turns being the DJ.

None so far – will keep you posted.

UE Offers a 1 Year Limited Warranty

Value for money?
The UE Boombox is currently out preforming every speaker in its class. Even the Bose SoundLink 2 is having a hard time keeping up. The sound is astounding and powerful, it’s Bluetooth with a 50 foot range, and the look is modern and stylish. This Boombox is a great value. Trust me, buy one, you can thank me later.

Where to buy:
Amazon.com is the best place to buy the UE Boombox. They have the best price but it’s their customer service that puts them over the top.

Bluetooth Speakers Beyond Compare

UE BoomboxWhy would you want to listen to your favorite music from a limited unidirectional speaker? I don’t. The UE Boom immerses you with the best and boldest sounds you can hope for with its 360-degree speaker. This little boom box is manufactured by Ultimate Ears, who’s name accurately represents the ultimate versatility you are looking for with bass sounds beyond compare. This Bluetooth speaker only weighs about 1 pound and comes in 4 different color options including black, blue, green, and red. This 360-degree sound, is for everyone. Just pick a color, and BOOM you will feel free to rage riot and party where ever and whenever.

This feeling of freedom is a result of at least two qualities. The first is durability and the second is Bluetooth connectivity. These two aspects allow you to take them anywhere music goes, because they are water and stain resistant. Little accidents can happen however, when you are connected to a wire this seams to be true even more so.

This summer’s hottest speaker is one that will free you to talk on the phone, switch from one song to another, and adjust the volume from your smart phone up to 50 feet away. Connect two UE BOOMs together by downloading UE’s smartphone app and you will have roof raising, wall shaking stereo sound. You can power this ‘coke sized’ speaker for up to 15 hours with the built-in Lithium batteries that come with the unit. It might seem small, but it is powerful enough to out perform many similar speaker in its class, and impressive enough it is more durable than anything on the shelf right now.

After much reading and pouring through reviews I was convinced. You just can’t get a better speaker for the price. I just can’t say enough great things about the UE BOOM.